En El Campanario Restaurante & Bar

We offer you the most select dishes, made with the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy the rich lunches, lunches and dinners as well as the best cuts of 100% fattening meat from a selection of fine meat from northern Mexico, as well as the ideal barbecues to share with the family, rediscover a new way of appreciating the flavors of the gastronomy of Mexican food in northern Mexico. Where we also have the bar area that will be in charge of offering you a wide variety of drinks and bottles such as whiskey, tequila, gin, mezcal, vodka, cognac, rum, brandy and a wide variety of national and international bottles or if it is yours. I like mixology. We have a wide variety of drinks prepared for your delight. We are waiting for you at El Campanario Restaurant & Bar. Visit us!
Our our bar will take care of offering youa wide variety of drinks and bottles such as Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, Mezcal, Vodka, Cognac, Rum, brandy and other national and international bottlesor if it is to your liking our mixologists have with a wide variety of prepared drinks.